INLAND Wetsuit Jacket 001

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In collaboration with our friends at 7TILL8 in California, we designed a wetsuit jacket specifically for all INLAND riders who want to extend their season, whether on the lake, cable or surf park. This unique pullover surf jacket design is to maximize warmth for the rider and put to shame all full zip surf jackets.

– Super limited quantity 

– 3/2mm Sheico fabric

– Over the head yoke construction

– Cord lock at hem for an adjusted fit


Inland / In•land : situated in the interior of a country rather than on the coast.

The INLAND collection is designed for and inspired by all board riders at lakes, cable parks, and surf parks across the country. All INLAND styles are built to withstand all trips, to and from the lake or park. Every detail is thought out to compliment its wearer. We're stoked to stand behind all INLAND riders.

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