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In our hometown region of Northwest Arkansas, there's plenty of talented individuals and stories of success that go along with them. Bea Apple is no exception.

She caught our eye because not only does she grind as a small business owner, you'll most likely find her on her bike when she's got any free time. We hung out with her for the day to get a glimpse into her routine while she tested out some of our gear. What started as yoga at home, continued with work stops and trail riding.
After years of owning/operating one of the most popular restaurants in our area, Bea also leaves her fingerprints on a number of other thriving hospitality concepts in Northwest Arkansas. Her latest project was a dream come true... Hillfolk, a charming textile + home goods shop that she opened with her "partner in crime", Trisha Logan.
Before we left for the day, we asked Bea to tell us about a side organization she's involved with that encourages diversity in the outdoors, specifically in the cycling world and we're into it... @bike.poc
"My dear friend Kim and I organized our first BLM ride late summer 2020 in response to the movement happening across the country. In the middle of a pandemic, with a massive anti-racist movement happening along with a surge of new bike riders across the US, we wanted to combine two things very near to our hearts. We love bikes and how they bring riders empowerment and joy. We also wanted to use a group ride as a way to show solidarity with the movement for BIPOC lives as well as help break down stereotypes and barriers to getting on bikes as well as build community around anti-racist principles and bikes. We had a super successful fundraiser for Arkansas Latinas Bike where we sold "anti-racist bike club" tees that we indigo dyed at Hillfolk. Our first group ride was in Fayetteville, and our second ride took place in downtown Rogers. We are working on programming for 2021, so stay tuned :) You can keep up with us on Insta @bike.poc"
Bea wear tested our Hakuba Jacket, Mountain Bike Jersey, Essential Tank, Sport Tank and Jade Leggings. – we're very happy with her response.