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We followed Kelsey Miller, @kelseymiller2059 (IG), around for the day as she tested a hand full of our women’s pieces on a random weekday. Kelsey let us see what a day in her shoes looks like as she strives to help make her hometown the most bike-friendly city in the country. That consists of anything from building an accepting bike culture and eliminating barriers, to shuttling bike trips for co-workers around the region. She even teaches mountain biking skills clinics a few times a week. Since allowing our team to follow her, she’s told us she wears a piece of beardedgoat clothing every day.

She wear tested our Aspen Pant, Essential Tank, Trek Short and Discover Training Shirt. All fit her lifestyle perfectly. Next time you're on your bike in Bentonville, you can thank Kelsey for fighting for you as a rider.